Is it Time to Change the Oil?

The oil change is a service that your vehicle needs more often than any other. No matter what type of vehicle you drive the oil change protects the engine in many ways. You can change the oil in your automobile yourself or you can schedule service with the pros at the quick lube hendersonville nc.Whatever your decision, it is imperative that you change the oil as recommended.

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Most drivers will need to change their car’s oil every 3000 miles of driving. However, some of the newer synthetic oils allow drivers to go up to 7000 miles before they need an oil change. It is ideal to refer to your vehicle owner’s manual to learn the exact schedule to follow to change your oil. Make sure that you adhere to this schedule to prevent trouble.

Oil lubricates the motor of your car and prevents it from rubbing together with other parts and components. Every vehicle depends on motor oil to keep running smoothly. Over time, it wears out, however, and the oil turns into sludge and the protection that it once offered turns into devastating  consequences that only get worse the longer the oil remains in the vehicle. That worry is gone as long as the oil is changed when it should be.

Oil change costs are reasonable and practically the same whether you DIY or take it into the pros. Most people find that it is easier to leave the job to the pros since they can dispose of the old oil and have the right tools and equipment to get things done. This is entirely up to you to decide however. What is important is that you are changing the oil as it should be changed to protect your car.