How to Choose a Good Asphalt Company

When you’re laying asphalt, whether to pave a parking lot or to construct a new home, it all starts with a good company at your service. Don’t assume that all asphalt companies pittsburgh pa are one in the same because this simply isn’t true. Some companies offer better service and pricing than the next. But it is up to you to find that company.

Request Estimates

It is recommended that you request estimates from three to four companies before you hire them for work. When you request estimates it is easy to find the professionals with the best service and prices to offer. A good company is always going to provide his customers with a good deal so do keep this in mind before you hire.

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License & Insurance

Never risk quality work to save a few bucks to hire an unlicensed asphalt company. This could cost you a considerable amount of money when the day is done.  Always hire a professional who has a license and insurance. This is a sign that you’re working with industry experts who know how to do the job the right way.


What others think of a company matters. If the company has a good reputation, they’ve made many happy customers over the years. But if the reputation isn’t so pleasing, they’ve likely made more unhappy customers. You need this information to decide.  Use the web to find out what people think of the company through reviews and sources like the BBB. It won’t cost a thing but has amazing results to offer.


Is the company responsive to your needs? Are they prompt and seem interested in the work that you need? Choose a company that brings professionalism to the forefront because it is a quality that you want and need during this type of project.